Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting a Lay of the Land

We have been exploring our neighborhood in le Marais these past couple of days. Learning where to shop, where to eat, where to exercise, etc. It is a stylish yet laidback and unstuffy neighborhood with lots of little hip fashionista boutiques (which I have yet to enter). There is an outdoor market every Thursday & Sunday. We purchased the most delectable mangue (mango), pamplemousse (grapefruit), and pêches (peaches) there. I say "we", but it was actually Soren doing the purchasing and speaking. I am shadowing him so that I can learn to do this on my own. I got a good chuckle when he asked for duex pomplemousse and walked away with douze (12)! Good thing the girls like to eat them. We searched yesterday for what is proving to be the elusive peanut butter. It is a staple for our family and we must have it. We finally found some in a market near the Jardin du Luxembourg. Skippy. Hello hydrogenated oils, not nice to see you again. It came home with us anyway. We stumbled upon a carnival in the Jardin des Tuileries where the girls rode bumper cars (4x!) and went in the Funhouse. (See video.) We rode the Metro yesterday to the US Embassy that was heavily guarded and we could not enter without an appointment. Nevertheless, the gate guard gave us very helpful info such as English speaking doctors, school info, etc. We toured two health clubs near our apartment. They are definitely not as nice as ClubSport or Oakwood, but they'll do the trick. The French are very peculiar about the workout towel. If we pay in full for the year upfront, then we get a workout towel everytime at no charge. Otherwise, we bring our own or pay 10e each time for a towel. Maybe we just won't sweat. Last night, along the Seine, a block from our apartment, there was a gathering of mostly locals swing dancing to American 1950's music while others were picnicking along the banks of the river. It was really fun to stroll along with our people-watching skills in full gear. Today's tasks: go on my first run here, continue unpacking, and find cell phones. The girls want to go back to the carnival.

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  1. I'm finally catching up on your blog. What a great apartment in a fantastic neighborhood. I am so darn envious, I'm drooling on my keyboard. I warned you both about the P.B.! Glad you found some, albeit Skippy. :)

    The folks living in your house appear to be just fine. Other than almost backing into me the other day, they've caused no trouble at all. Not even one raucous party yet.