Thursday, August 5, 2010


In the past year, I have been routinely amazed at the ease with which our planning for Paris has transpired. The new occupants of our WC home, Sallie & Joe, just happened to fall into our laps after we mentioned to a friend that our ideal tenants would be a retired, cat-loving couple. Our Paris apartment was discovered shortly after declining the girls' acceptance to the private school and realizing that we did not want to be limited to living only in that neighborhood near that school. Within a week of that difficult decision, we just happened to find an apartment in one of the most central and desirable neighborhoods in Paris that is in our price range and has everything we were looking for, including non-French landlords that speak English and want to do anything to make us happy, including purchasing a clothes dryer. Two weeks ago, our Paris babysitter just happened to materialize the day after Soren and I realized that finding one was going to be a priority upon our arrival in Paris. We didn't have to wait long. The next day, our friend Lori texted me the info of her church's childcare employee who just happened to be moving to Paris to study abroad for the year. And finally, as we were unloading our boxes curbside at SFO early Tuesday a.m., we notice that we are parked behind a sleek, black Porsche with a license plate that read, "au voir". Coincidence? Nah, just another little synchronicity like all the ones preceding it that confirm for us that we are following our path correctly and that the universe is saying, "Right on Kaplans!"

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