Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plan C... again

We had been invited by Annie & Claude (mentioned in "Our First Social Outing" post) to come to their B&B in the champagne region in a town called Gye-sur-Seine. We were looking forward to this outing for a few reasons; spending more time with their daughter Nathalie & her husband David, exploring other regions of France, and renting a car. Well, Soren was excited for that anyway. Me, not so much. I don't plan on using my international drivers license at all during our year abroad. But I digress. Anyhoo, Nathalie's baby decided to pretend that he was going to make an early entrance into the world two days ago so Annie called to apologetically explain that they had to postpone their invitation to us. So, we went into Plan B mode which was to book a trip to Nice instead. This was our original plan that we had had in place and canceled upon our invitation to the B&B. Just before purchasing our train tickets to Nice it occurred to me that Raelyn would probably be miserable having to sit on the sidelines due to her cast while Nola frolicked in the hotel pool and ocean. Nice and the Cote d'Azur will have to wait until next summer when Raelyn is cast free and can swim again. So, Plan C, which seems to be where we're netting out in the alphabet of plans these days became a 5-day excursion to London. We made the reservations last night and we leave on the train in 2 hours. I'm really glad we can't drive to the U.K from Paris. I have never been to the U.K. before and the only time Soren has been to London he was struck with food poisoning. So, it will be a new exploration for us all. My fears? The food. My excitements? Being in an English-speaking country and going to the newsstand to purchase English magazines and newspapers. Oh- and in case you were wondering, Nathalie's baby decided he was nice and cozy in her tummy afterall and she has been sent back home on bed rest. Annie called to let us know this an hour ago and reinstate her invitation to come tomorrow to the B&B. Oh well. We're happy with our Plan C.

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